After careful consideration and much regret I have decided to transfer all hardware review activities to a new domain.  I purchased in 2012 and have been working hard to build a new and improved Ninjalane on that domain.  If you are reading this you have reached one of the archived articles, news, projects and reviews that were left behind during the site migration. 

Please update your bookmarks and be sure to visit the new and improved Ninjalane at

About Ninja Lane

Ninja Lane, a brief history

During a recent social event at one of the largest computer shows in the world it became apparent that nobody really knows anything about Ninjalane. While I would like to blame the liberal media, tabloids, and photo crazy paparazzi I have to step back and blame myself. I have been pretty elusive when it comes to talking about Ninjalane and even more elusive when it comes to talking about me. Well that is the purpose of this article; I'm going to tell you about Ninjalane, what it is, where it came from, what we do, and most importantly why you should care.

This article is going to be broken up into 3 basic parts. Part one will cover the Ninjalane history, you know the boring stuff but should highlight the major points up until this article was written. While I find great pleasure in knowing the history of things I cannot guarantee that others will share my enthusiasm. So feel free to skip ahead or read on and cringe at our rocky but very comfortable start.

The second part will cover something I'm going to call "The Anatomy of a Website". You see the thing about being a Web Professional (Designer, Developer, Architect) is that I take great pride in what I build and do my best to accomplish the task in a creative and user friendly way. In a way you can consider this my tour of the new website (Ninjalane v3) and give me a chance to talk about the new features and some of the technology behind what it takes to run Ninjalane. Keep in mind for security purposes some things will not be discussed but you should get the gist.

The third section will focus almost entirely on what Ninjalane does, why we do it, and hopefully project a mental image of why you should care. Several business analysts will warn that this sort of information is a company killer and I would agree however 90% of sites like mine will tell a similar story, I'm just going to be the brave sole and talk about it.

Lets get started

Anatomy of a Website
What we review