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Computex Blog: Day 1 - First Day Activities

Posted By: Redmax
Published: Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The first day of any trade show is by far the most exciting, the day is usually filled with product launch announcements, and general chaos as vendors struggle to get things just right. My official meetings didn't start until right after lunch so I decided to check out some of the booths and generally see where everyone is.

My first stop was over at the GSkill booth where Shamino and K|ngp|n were hosting an overclocking demonstration. The show consisted of some 6Ghz gaming and stability testing and some giveaways to the people passing by. The first item they gave away was an EVGA P55 Classified to a person in the crowd that could answer some basic questions about the computer system.

Two Gigabyte meetings started my Computex schedule; I say 2 because VGA and Motherboards are handled by different marketing departments. Of course Gigabyte had the new X58-UD9 on display along with an 890FX and P55 based board with similar layout specifications. The interesting thing about the UD9 in particular is that while Gigabyte was very forthcoming with the new features of the board there are still features on this board that have yet to be announced.

I cannot say for sure, but based on my questions I suspect the announcements during Day 2 will consist of some specific details around the dual 12phase PWM and general power distribution.

Silverstone had some very interesting things on display including a new fan technology and a prototype of the new Raven 3 chassis. The new case is smaller than previous editions and, once again, completely redefines the traditional chassis layout. Look for some more photos of this case in a later edition.

What would be a Computex without the famous booth babes? Here is a girl helping to promote a well known video card and motherboard maker. Can you guess which one?

Stay tuned, more to come!

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