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Computex Blog: Day 2 - Meetings Forever

Posted By: Redmax
Published: Thursday, June 03, 2010

A question I have been asked quite often is "how do you like the show this year compared to last year?" Nice icebreaker I suppose but a loaded question at best since they already have an option. So, how do I like this show? My usual answer is "its great!", there is plenty to see and being a 6 time veteran I know what to usually expect. According to the show promoters the 30th annual Computex is the largest ever with more exhibitors than any time in history. However, while this may be true on paper the halls have been rather devoid of people. The attendance doesn't matter much to me as long as I can still get around.

Meetings today were split once again with half being at Nangang and the others located somewhere in the Hyatt. For those that don't know the Hyatt is located right next to the World Trade Center (Hall 1) and offers up a cheap(er) alternative to setting up a display booth in one of the primary locations. This happens to be a popular location for US based companies that don't have a large presence in Taiwan.

Day 2 was also my heavy meeting day with a total of 6 on the books; however I was able to fit in more as I walked around. The first interesting stop was with Lian Li, the famed makers of the aluminum computer chassis. They had several new products on display including some all aluminum test benches, a wide variety of MicroATX chassis designs and this monster case designed for larger ATX cases such as the EVGA SR-2.

Noctua also had a booth on the show floor, surprisingly close to the memory manufactures. While the location is good, it can get rather loud over there. In the NH-D14 we mentioned that the dual towers combined with the 6 heatpipes allowed the cooler to handle extremely high overclocking loads with a minimum of noise. Well, the next cooler in the series could be this prototype with 7 heatipes in a single tower configuration and dual fan option.

Maybe one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time is the new ProSeries style lights that Corsair was showing off. To make this work Corsair added a small electrical connector to the tops of the Dominator modules under the cooling fins. This connector will then feed data to the ProSeries module which in turn produces visual results related to activity, temperature, and peek loads. If you have recently bought a Dominator memory module you might have these connectors already.

Our last official meeting was with EVGA in one of the Hyatt suites. As expected they had several SR-2 motherboards on display and the new GTX 465 card that was just announced. Pictured here is the GTX480 waterblock which is made up of 2 coolers in one. The main waterblock will cool GPU and memory while the finned section is a heatpipe cooler for the voltage regulators.

You may not know this but EVGA has been rather careful to diversify their product lines to include more than just motherboards and video cards. With any luck we'll have some of that to show later this year.

Now for the booth babe shot of the day. Anime School Girls anyone??

Computex Day 3 is here, so stay tuned.

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