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CES 2012 Day 1 - Official Start - Sapphire EVGA and Rosewill

Posted By: Redmax
Published: Wednesday, January 11, 2012

CES has officially started and despite what you might hear the place is packed, For some reason traffic on the strip and surrounding areas is considerably less than it has been in the past but there is no shortage of warm bodies roaming the Convention Center halls.

As I may have mentioned before CES, for me, is actually two completely separate shows, the main CES and then the side show for companies that what to take advantage of the press but, for some reason or another, choose not to be part of the official show. The later of these is generally the companies that support this site and have the products we like to see.

Day one started off a little slow with a lazy meeting with Sapphire to check out what cool products we can expect to see this year. One of the coolest items was the VID-2X video module that allows you to expand your desktop using a display port connection and two external monitors.

VID-2X acts as an interpreter telling your computer that the two monitors are actually a single display with double the normal horizontal resolution. The end result is instant desktop expansion using pure hardware.

The Pure Black 990FX is a board I saw in Taiwan this last summer and here is what the final mockup will look like. Make note of the large PWM cooler and multitude of PCI Express expansion slots. Only two of these slots will run at full bandwidth but every one of them will support a video card.

North Hall Wanderings
The North Hall is normally reserved for car audio and electronics and is where you want to go to see some of the best looking cars around.

Here we have what might be the first S10 I have ever seen at CES. The truck is your standard extra cab with a totally custom interior and a sound system that would make any audiophile jealous.

Audi had a prototype car on display that looks to be in direct competition with the dinky small smart car.

I call this sorry excuse for a motorcycle the snowmobile with wheels. Of course this particular bike has 10 grand worth of audio gear attached and quite a few custom body panels.

No stop to the North Hall would be complete without stopping off at Directed Electronics to check out the latest Orion audio gear. Sadly the HCCA line hasn't changed much, and by the looks of it, DE might be getting out of car audio to focus on something bigger.

Much to my surprise all of the big names from my car audio days were present including Audio Control, SoundStream, Phoenix Gold Precision Power and MTX to name a few

I always like stopping by the EVGA suite and check out the latest motherboards they have on display. Of course the major difference from last year is X79 and that the boards are shipping now.

The board pictured here I s the X79 FTW which is the 3-way compatible enthusiast motherboard and one step down from the flagship. I have been told the two boards are identical in terms of layout and features with the only exception being support for 4-way SLI and XL-ATX form factor. Other than that they are identical right down to posicap placement and EVGA Branded chokes.

What EVGA suite visit would be complete without a photo of the EVGA SR-X dual LGA2011 Xeon motherboard designed for overclocking, general mayham and general overall indulgence of exciting tech and raw power.

Ya, I want one

EVGA is also going to release their own line of power supplies and the flagship 1500w gold PSU has the unique ability to enter "dummy" mode and also overclock (or overpower) to 1650w by flipping a few switches and applying 240v power. Not too bad for a fully modular PSU.

My last stop for the day was with a company that hasn't shown up on the Ninjalane product radar very often, Rosewill. As you may know Rosewill is a rather large product company that deals in items such as computer cases, power supplies, notebook coolers and networking. However, what you may not realize is that Rosewill also deals with home décor and personal appliances (coffee makers, hot plates and stuff like that). It is really quite interesting to see what they sell.

Much like our Thermaltake visit there is simply too much to post but I can show you this fancy USB wireless device that comes with its own USB extension and vertical dock.

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