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CES 2012 Day 2 - CyberpowerPC Gigabyte and Lian Li

Posted By: Redmax
Published: Friday, January 13, 2012

The second day of any major tradeshow brings out the best in people, under the worse conditions. Typically this is also the busiest day of the show since most of the keynotes have concluded and the attendees get a chance to see everything on display.

My first stop was with a well known boutique builder called CyperpowerPC. They are known for lavish computer systems that not only perform well but look great too.

The highlight of the suite was the Black Mamba which is a gross understatement in saying the system is big, in fact this system is feature packed complete with a custom case design to further reinforce the design. Black Mamba is part of the Fang series of gaming systems with the added bonus of a secondary computer system located at the top of the chassis that can be put to a variety of uses including media server and a secondary system for overclocking control using tools like ROG Connect.

Both systems are linked using a standard Ethernet cable and are accessible over any standard wireless connection.

Some of the other systems on display showed off the other custom chassis designs including this one that is configurable based on what side of the desk you like to have your system on.

The case allows you to remove the motherboard tray and position is so the opening is facing right or left allowing you the option of how you want the PC orientated. This is a great feature that isn't normally available even on DIY case designs.

Gigabyte has a few new systems on display however the highlight of CES was the Z77 chipset designed for Ivy Bridge and the new G1 Sniper 3.

Both of the new board designs were pre-release models meaning that the layout and colors are likely to change. Pictured here is the Sniper 3 showing off a wrap around PWM design and new and improved sound and networking chips. Much like the Sniper 2 the board will feature Creative audio and Bigfoot Networks Killer Nic for enhanced gaming and system performance however as an additional benefit the board will come with an addition of a secondary Intel Nic for dual network access.

The Z77 product lines haven't fully matured but will be available in the standard Ultra Durable lineups and may even feature a smaller MicroATX design for smaller form factor gaming.

I did spy a new waterblock in the Gigabyte booth that is brand new from Danger Den called the M6. Look for it on Ninjalane soon.

Lian Li
One of our last appointments was with Lian Li the famed aluminum case builder from Taiwan. The chassis display was rather small from what we have seen in the past but no less interesting. Of course one of the highlights of the booth was the PC-U6 "shell" case that will fit a MicroATX motherboard and full length video cards.

To help with cable management Lian Li will begin including a plastic wire channels with their newer cases. This won't replace using zip ties to bundle your wires but should help dress up the case by keeping everything together.

This cute case is designed to be portable and quite rugged against scratches and corner dents.

I actually met with a few more companies on Day 2, you can see photos from those visits in the forth coming CES 2012 photo gallery.

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