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Computex 2012 Day 1 - Hit the floor sleepy

Posted By: Redmax
Published: Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I have mentioned this many times before, Computex is my favorite trade show. It has everything a hardware enthusiast could want from obscure motherboard designs from new companies to the latest from the major players in the industry. Day one of any trade show can be very frustrating. For me it all started at 5am when I disembarked my international flight from Seattle. That gave me just enough time to get to the hotel, shower, check email and plan my day before I had to leave to catch my first meeting. Needless to say, fatigue and jet lag almost did me in on the MRT ride back to my hotel.

The first stop for day 1 was with Thermaltake.

Most of the items on display were of existing products but I did get to see the future in Water 2.0 technology the Water 2.0 Extreme. Extreme is a dual fan radiator design using the same pump and hose assembly and a radiator thickness similar to the Performer series.

At CES I saw the mini version of the Level 10 GT and at Computex they were showing a cut down version of the new Armor Revo, the Gene. This is your standard height mid-tower design, nothing more, nothing less.

Asus had a pretty good booth this year that covered the entire line-up. In the past I would walk thru the booth only to be ignored and looked at funny but this year someone actually gave me a product demonstration!

The Vulcan headset is your standard stereo gaming headset that comes with an additional feature when paired with the Xonar Phoebus sound card, Active Noise Cancellation. Of course how better to demonstrate ANC but on a noisy show floor, and they actually work.

Noctua is also getting into the active noise cancellation technologies and has started experimenting with the popular F12 cooling fan. The intent of ANC is to not completely remove noise but to reduce it so that a 2500rpm fan would actually sound like it was only spinning at 1300rpm. This would drastically reduce noise and allow them to increase performance.

The prototype on display was an actual working sample but due to the noisy show floor it was difficult to tell the difference.

There were several prototype coolers on display but this one was by far the coolest. As you can tell from the photo it features eight heatpipes. Six are in the standard configuration with two more placed on top to help dissipate additional load under the most extreme of conditions.

MSI has been taking a different approach to their product display and was showcasing new mid-level products designed to fill the gap between the ultra-high end and the top of the mainstream lines.

The GTX 670 Power Edition, this is a standard clocked video card that features upgraded board components and Twin Frozr IV heatsink. Since it feature no factory overclock MSI can offer the features of the Lightning without the additional cost.

These mid-level inserts can also be seen with the MPower line of motherboards that also feature upgraded motherboard components but are designed to be lower-end additions to the high-end XPower lines.

Sadly the PWM on this board is quite small for an X79 but the target market isn't X and K skus but the standard multi locked processors.

There are several companies doing overclocking demonstrations but GSKill has taken it to the limit and is allowing random visitors a chance to overclock with the masters. This girl was infatuated with Elmor!

Kingpincooling was also on display showing off the Gemini products complete with anodized hold downs.

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