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Computex 2012 Day 2 - Hotel Walk of Fame Pt1

Posted By: Redmax
Published: Thursday, June 07, 2012

Much like at CES there are several companies that choose to be away from the main show floor to increase their chances in getting quality visitors and save a few bucks in the process. I was lucky this year and was able to schedule all of my hotel meetings on a single day so that I wasn't running all over Taipei and back.

My first meeting was with EVGA. As some of you may remember EVGA has an office in Taipei but is still very much an American company. The products on display focused entirely on what was new and exciting from EVGA starting with two new LGA 1155 motherboards.

The first is the Z77 FTW motherboard and one of the few that supports 4-way SLI thanks to the onboard PLX chip hidden under the actively cooled heatsink.

You may not know this but in addition to Z77 there is a Z75 chipset for the mainstream market and EVGA has a motherboard solution for it.

We have all seen what Tin and Kingpin have done with the reference GTX 680 and now you can do the same with the EVGA GTX 680 Classified. This is a monster of a video card that is clearly taller than the reference design and all to hold the larger PWM design. I'll let you count the power phases.

I got a glimpse of the new 1500w PSU from EVGA and this is what the final design will look like. The modular cables are color matched to the plugs on the PSU, (red and black) and feature 100% sleeving without the heatshrink.

The PSU is also configurable using the dip switches so you can tune the power delivery or have it powered on all the time. (Slave mode)

My next meeting was with Gigabyte and took place in their VIP rooms located at Taipei 101. With Gigabyte I actually had two meetings and the first was with their video card division who had three new products to show.

This video card is a Super Overclock GTX 680 with a very unique heatsink that blows from the bottom up pulling air in near the motherboard and away from the video card. This may not be the final heatsink design but the SOC is coming.

There are two new gaming accessories coming out including the Aivia gaming keyboard complete with lighted keyboard that can store up to 5 macro profiles. The dials across the top adjust the brightness.

Gaming mice are usually defined by style and software but what if you could fully tune your experience? Well the new Aivia gaming mouse allows you to add and remove weight and also completely replace the bottom from a traditional Teflon interface to an extremely slick minimal contact version.

The mousepad in the background may be offered as a bundle and is designed to complement the mouse and what base you plan to use.

Random Booth Babe of the Day
I could have shown Dinos22 playing an electric guitar but figured this was much better.

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