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CES Dialog 2013 - Day 3 Getting Down to the Meetings

Posted By: Redmax
Published: Thursday, January 10, 2013

The difficult thing about CES meetings is that you have to schedule your time wisely and make sure everyone you want to see is in the same location. I know of some editors who pack in back to back meetings, starting early and ending late. If you schedule things properly this can work but the slightest traffic issue or a long winded marketing person can easily throw your schedule off. Day three was a dedicated hotel day for me and luckily everyone was either in the Venetian or Palazzo. The two hotels are connected but it is still a 10 minute walk between the towers.

On the bright side, at least I didn't need a taxi.


My first stop was with my friends at Gigabyte. Due to the lull between product releases there wasn't much on display however they were showing a joint project with Intel that aims to standardize the AIO computer system. The motherboards are based on the Mini ITX form factor but offer a thinner profile so they will fit behind the touch screen panel.

There are already several companies offering bare bones chassis designs, Combine that with a standard motherboard design and you have the makings of your very own DIY AIO computer system complete with touch screen and all the power you will need from the latest LGA 1155 processor of your choice.

All of the motherboards on display where current generation. The next generation of motherboards will feature a similar segmentation between the overclocker and gaming brands with a few new features being added to the Ultra Durable product offering.


My next stop was to meet with Antec and like other companies in this segment they have started branching out into growth areas to get away from the stable, yet flat, desktop PC market. Most of their new products are focused on the mobile space including personal audio over Bluetooth.

My interest is still in their chassis designs and they had a couple of revised models on display that featured extra room behind the motherboard tray and even improved hinges so the door will swing open completely.


For many years Adata has not actively marketed their products in the US but with 2013 that will change. They have re-established their marketing offices and will begin to sell a select number of products including this multi function device called the AE400.

This little box contains a 5000mAh battery for charging your smartphone of tablet, It will act as a wireless hotspot so you can share mobile internet access and allows you to store and retrieve smart card data wirelessly with the aid of their mobile applications.

Desktop memory might be boring to some but you cannot deny the performance gains from high performance modules. For the first time ever Adata will be offering 2600Mhz DDR3 modules for the gaming and enthusiast space. The timings aren't all that great but the speed and price should be right in line with the competitors.


My last stop was to meet with CyberpowerPC and see what they have planned for 2013. As you can imagine they will be continuing their tradition of building custom PCs but plan to add a small form factor gaming PC and a buildable AIO design.

Their high-end systems still remain extremely popular and much to my surprise they actually sell quite a few on a monthly basis. The system pictured here is fully watercooled using the Core i7 3970 LGA 2011 processor and dual nVidia GTX 680 graphics cards.

They even offer self branded watercooling parts including this bay res with two D5 pumps running in series. Given how far the water has to travel you need a good head on the pump to make it efficient and this setup will do that for you.

That concludes the Day 3 wanderings. Stay tuned, the 4th and final day quickly approaches.

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