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NinjaLane 1337 Dictionary

Are you l33+??

I do not have the history behind this new Internet language but I do know it pops up in just about every chat room, message forum, and online game ever released and unlike the AYBABTU craze the Elite speakers are not going away. So to help the llamas and laymen out there here is the Ninjalane Leet Dictionary.

Being l33t is a frame of mind, some people get it and others think you are just being stupid. Regardless, after looking over this dictionary of terms you will have a better idea as to what it takes to at least 5p34k 133+.

The current plan is to start making this list dynamic, I have gotten several suggestions for new ways to write letters however what makes this dictionary unique is the leet words and their associated meanings. This is what will help make the dictionary grow.

If you would like to help contribute to this growing dictionary send your suggestions to .

L33t Character Exchange

A 4  @  /-\ B 8  |3 C (
D |) E 3 F |=  pH
G 9  6 H |-|  # I 1  |  !
J j  ; K |{  |< L |_  []_  |
M |\/|  )v( N |\|  /\/ O 0 ()
P p |> Q q  0, R |2
S 5  $ T +  7 U |_|  \_/
V \/ W \/\/  \X/  \^/ X x  X  ><
Y y  '/ Z z  2    

l33+ W0rds and Phr4ses

l33+ Name Definition
Leet Elite. Other variations are L33t, l33+, and l337. If you are leet then j00 are better than others.
31337 Elite. Same as above but using all numbers
haxx0r Hack...if you dont know what this means, get a life (or rather, lose one).
Extremely 1337 is HaxX0r (note capital X)
fuxx0red Fucked. Also fuxxored (only if j00 r a fucken llama).
Capital X theorem also applies here
(theorem: FuxX0red = 1337).
fuxx0r Fuck. As in "I will fuxX0r j00 up".
Also fuxxor (only for llamas).
Capital X Theorem applies.
fuq fuck
fsck Another version of fuck, this is also the name of a well known program that repairs Linux disks.
spooge cum, as in "i just spooged my pants".
also sp00ge, pre-spooge, pr3-5p00g3
h00trz Breasts, i.e. hooters, boobs, knockers, rack
phjear fear. Pronounced like fear but with the J, or fear but with a j on the end. as in
"phjear my haxX0r tekniq".
Extreme 1337!575 use phj34r
ph33r a llama version of phj34r. it means fear.
also pheer, or phear.
pfft To discredit or show disbelief in what someone is trying to say.
r4wr used as a general greeting, as well as an expression of anger or frustration, depending on the context. can also be a sound similar to a lion's roar in some circles. Very often used in lolcats as a cute expression of a kitten trying to roar, or of an angry expression of an annoyed or otherwise pissed off cat.
Also: |24\^/|2 or rawr
tekniq technique, pronounce the same. See above.
teh a common misspelled version of "the"
i.e. "y0u !5 teh suxX0rz" = "you is teh suxxorx" = "you suck"
"y0u !5 teh roxX0rz"
"i is teh greatness" etc...
haxXess Also h4xX3s5 or h4xX352. meaning Hacker Access or to access a restricted system, or resource.
pr0n porn. Pronounced like Prawn or simply Pron.
Also spelled pron by llamas
llama a Lamer. Someone who is not L33t and basically a loser. as in "fucken llama"
t00l a general insult, kinda like fuck. also spelled tool.
as in "wot a fucken t00l"
nerf meaning to modify or change in some way, often times making it weaker.
newbie if u dont know what this means then u r one, trust me. also n3wb13 or |\|3\/\/B13.
n00b Same thing as a newbi3 just quicker to type. see newbie: Same definition applies.
Flame to bag the shit out of someone, to abuse them.
Kurg To be aggressive, annoying
also: Kur9
0wn rule, wicked, awesome, etc. as in "dam i 0wn" or "this channel 0wnz". also "own" (only if u r a llama).
pwn Same and Own. Actually a typo from the l33t people during Quake 1 and in some channels is still used.
Past tense ie: pwnt
Current tense: pwnz
0wned If you have been 0wned it means you have been fucked up or hurt or generally screwed over.
As in "I 0wned j00 in CS" and
"j00 have been 0wned by <insert name>"
pwn3d See above, l33t version of Owned normally used as a single word
ie: pwn3d!
pwnige l33t version of Ownage normally used as part of a sentence
pwnage Orginial spelling for Ownage
Alternative spellings: pwning , pwner
See Owned
0rZ Typically used at the end of certain words to give "emphasis" or could be used by itsself in place of "or"
such as "d1s 0rz at" -> "This or that"
Typical uses: sexX0rz, h4xX0rz (Capital X theorem applies).
sk00l3d To send someone packing, Showing them how its done.
Various spellings: schooled (llama version), 5k00l3|), 5|<00|3|) (advanced leet)
l33+ 5p34k LE3T 5PE4K I5 wH3N j00 +4Lk l1kE THi5. t0 uNDEr$+@ND j00 mu5+ Be l3e+. 1pH jo0 4RE noT lEeT jo0 C4Nnot SPe@K or rE4d tH1$.
j00 You. also joo (only if u r a llama).
j0 Hi. 80's rap version
4|)V4|\|C3D l3e+ $peA|< 4|)V4|\|C3D l3e+ $peA|< i$ whEn J00 +4lK L1K3 t|-|15. t0 u|\|d3r$+@|\|D jOo |\/|u5+ be lEET. 1f J00 4r3 NO+ lEe+ jOO C@|\|N0T 5p3A|< 0r ReAd +|-|I5.
l33+ 4lph4b3+ here are some conversions for basic letters if j00 want to speak l33+ sp34k ( /-\|)\//-\|\|(3|) l33+ 5p34k h45 b33|\| 1|\|(|_u|)3|) ) :
f-disked fucked. pronounced EF-disked. as in "I will haxX0r ur computer and it will be f-disked, then j00 will phj34r me!"
Skrut(-whore) A cross between a slut, a whore, a skanky mole, and almost any other insult to a girl. As in "god, wat a fucken skrutwhore. Also just Skrut, or skrutwh0re.
l8a later. Also l8r. It is not (despite belief by some newbies) 18a, it is l8a.....yes, that is an L.
sex0r Sex. as in "gimme sex0r!". Also sexor (only if j00 r a llama) or sexx0r (Capital X theorem applies).
suxx0r Sucks. Also sux or suxX0r (Capital X theorem applies).
r0x0r Rocks, As in j00 fucking r0x0r!!, Opposite of suxX0r
Also: r0x or roxX0r (Capital X theorem applies).
w00t Happy, yay, [homer]woo hoo[/homer]
wtf Short for "What the Fuck" not typically used in l33t conversation.
onetyone Basically 11 often time used in a string of 1's or !'s
eleventy-one1 Basically 1111 often time used in a string of 1's or !'s - see above

also, to be l33+ u must replace ee with ea and f with ph. sO freak is phreak.
but if j00 r l33+ it is pHr34k.