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    Finding Foxconn

    When we attended CES last year we were limited to only 2 short days,  Basically we flew in Monday morning and left late Tuesday afternoon.  The schedule worked out ok, we were able to see everyone on our list but of course wanted to stay longer.  Well this time around we did.  Funny thing though, come Wednesday the show floor was almost completely empty.  It was easy to get around and no more long lines for a shuttle bus.  It would seem that most CES'ers only planned on attending a single day.

    Truth be told you can in fact see most everything in 2 days, you will have to be selective and stick to the highlights and types of things you want to see but it can be done.

    Our Day 3 was a short one; the plane left at 4:30pm which meant we needed to be ready to leave by 2.  So with our bags safely stored with the bell hop we set out to find the ever elusive Foxconn.  The night before we heard a rumor that Foxconn had an amazing motherboard on display and a working demo of their enthusiast friendly motherboard. 

    The only trouble was we had no idea where to find them.  
    Finding the Needle
    The best way to find something you have missed is to do a little research and start asking questions. 

    Observation 1: Foxconn wasn't listed in the CES directory, this means one of 2 things. either the rumored reports were made up in advance or they were held up in one of the area hotels.  Assuming the latter we set out to find the best marking person I know, and well she was at the Asus booth. happy smile

    Observation 2: You may ask yourself why we went to a rival company booth to get information.  Well that is simple, a good marketing person always knows what the competetion is doing, where they are going, and what they've done to get there. 

    As it would turn out, she knew.
    Caesars Palace, Ballroom.  

    Lucky for us the hotel shuttle to Caesars was still operational and we'd be there inside of 30min.