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  • CES 2010 Consumer Electronics Show - Day 3
  • CES 2010 Consumer Electronics Show - Day 3



    Day 3 was really nothing more than guided leisure day where we walk around the show floor looking for cool stuff that we would have otherwise missed.  This includes checking out the exhibits in the North and Central halls where the bulks of the Car Audio and Home Electronics is located.

    A huge theme of CES this year was the advent of 3D in television.  By now most of us know that movies, sitcoms, and sporting events are all recorded in HD and the next progression in this is recording stuff in stereoscopic vision as well.  For this to work your monitor needs to have 3D compatibility and you still need to wear the glasses to get the full effect, just like in the movie theater.
    Flat panel technology is growing at an alarming rate, so much in fact they have TVs that look like panes of glass.  Seems someone has been taking too much from Minority Report and Ironman.
    Microsoft also had live demonstrations of Surface for anyone to use.  Here we have 2 people playing chess.