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  • Computex 2004 Day 1
  • Computex 2004 Day 1


    Welcome to Computex

    Welcome to Computex 2004, the show this year is larger than ever with over 1,300 exhibitors running over 2,800 booths. Due to the size a 4th hall was added to hold all of the exhibits. I don't believe the numbers include the companies that have displays in the Grand Hyatt and Trade Center Club but I have noticed a fair amount of overlap.
    The displays this year do not seem as lavish as before with many booths only have 2 or three items on display and very few working demos. Despite this there is still a few things to see that include this dancing MSI robot, a similar product was announced at E3 earlier this year, and booth babes a plenty.
    The AMD girls here are helping to promote DFI and their LanParty series motherboards. They asked the onlookers questions gave away prizes for correct answers.
    I found the last photo to be quite interesting. I have actually never heard of the company but their logo is in the same font that I use for the X of awards. I wonder if I should complain. tongue smile