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  • Computex 2009 Day 3 – Taipei Taiwan
  • Computex 2009 Day 3 – Taipei Taiwan



    Computex day 3, the beginning of the end, In the past we had most of our meetings on day 3 however with the lack of US media attending Computex made finding a good meeting time on Day 1 and 2 extremely easy.  In fact we used Day 3 as a way to catch up with the people we could not see before due to meetings running long.  (How the hell that happened is beyond me)
    Like the days previous we started off at Nangang, this time to take photos at the MSI booth.  Our interest here was on the new Eclipse motherboard series and military grade video cards, you will find a few of them below.
    MSI does spend a fair amount of time on the GPU coolers and while watercooling is still a niche market cooling method it's good to see a company like this taking advantage.
    MSI and Gigabyte both build an entire line of server and workstation class hardware.  We don't see much of this in the enthusiast world but I wouldn't mind a 6 core workstation to replace my system at home. *hint hint* cool smileapprove smile
    Multimedia is a big driver at Computex this year and while some companies setup small 2 person display booths MSI decided to replicate an airplane.  The last photo is an Atom based media computer that is about the size of your mousepad.