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In the world of high resolution gaming, multi display graphics, and multi gpu rendering you have to ask yourself.  "How much video memory do I really need?"

Much like with your system memory, more is better, especially when you consider the amount of post processing that happens in games or even calculations for 3D Vision and CUDA apps. In those cases every little bit helps.

In the last few months it has seemed like custom GTX 580 cards are being launched at a nearly breakneck space.   Amid the hoopla surrounding some high profile launches from MSI, Gigabyte and ASUS, EVGA silently introduced their own "upgraded" GTX 580 which sports 3GB of GDDR5.  While it shuns higher clock speeds and upgraded cooling, EVGA backs it up with their legendary Lifetime Warranty.  But will this be enough?

Not to mention, the card looks cool too.

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