Intel discontinuing over 25 desktop CPUs, say Digitimes

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We always hate to see reports of things coming to an end, especially when it comes to game changing processors like the Core i7 920 and Core 2 Duo.

To pave the way for the upcoming launch of 22nm Ivy Bridge processors in April 2012, Intel has notified its hardware partners of its schedule for stopping the supply or production of over 25 existing desktop CPU models, according to industry sources in Taiwan.

Intel has issued a notice to suspend the supply of Core i5-661/660, Core i3-530, Pentium E5700 and Celeron E3500 and will cease the production of those models in the second quarter of 2012, the sources indicated.

The full list in the posting includes:

Core i7-960/950/930/870
Core i7-880S/870S
Core i7-875K/860S
Core i5-760/750S/655K
Core i5-2300/680/670
Core i5-661/660
Core i3-530
Core Duo E7500/E7600
Pentium E6600/E550
Celeron E3300
Pentium E5700
Celeron E3500
Pentium G960
Celeron 450/430

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