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HD 7970 Price Cuts? Don’t Count on it @ Hardware Canucks

Posted By: Dennis - Source: Ninjalane
Published: Thursday, March 29, 2012

This is kinda sad since I was looking at picking up a HD7970 but had a bit of sticker shock in the process.

When the GTX 680 was released last week at $499, many thought that AMD would trim a few bucks off of the HD 7970.  Cuts to its $549 price tag yet haven’t happened and if what we hear is true don’t expect any movement on that front — at least not yet.

Before NVIDIA introduced their Kepler architecture, AMD was in a place of dominance within the GPU market.  It was an enviable position and as a result we saw enthusiasts begin a headlong rush towards the HD 7970 and HD 7950.  Unfortunately, AMD’s production of these $549 and $449 cards wasn’t able to keep up with demand and availability suffered.  The GTX 680 rained on that parade in a big way by consistently beating the HD 7970 in performance benchmarks while retailing for “just” $499.

I was listening to the TR podcast not to long ago and Scott kept going on and on about how the GTX 680 isn't really a "high-end" GPU.  When you compare the specs I would tend to agree.  If that is the case then the price is justified.

Tis a good read, give it a look.

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