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One of the first HD 7970's to feature a completely custom PCB the MSI Radeon HD 7970 Lightning.  I almost bought one of these the other day but when I came to my senses they had sold out at Newegg.

We review the MSI Radeon HD 7970 Lightning. What a product to look at, the R7970 lightning has a very rare design, comes with only the best components, has voltage monitoring headers, comes pre-overclocked (extensively at 1070 MHz) and allows to be voltage tweaked at many levels.

To pursue Eyefinity they have made the card Eyefinity6 compatible, by use of four DisplayPort connectors and two single link DVI connectors you can get six monitors running. Though realistically nobody does that as you have that ugly bezel from left to right smack down in the middle of you field of view.

There's another feature though, to give the product a little more 'niche' MSI implemented a small add-on board that is called a GPU-reactor which functions as a power supply module which, when installed on the back of the GPU.

What really surprises me is that we are not seeing more companies take such a radical approach to custom video card PCBs,  Yes they are a little more expensive and people "other" than overclockers will buy them. it's just a matter of cost.

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