Pictures of the New Gigabyte Z77 OC Board Released

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Gigabyte released some photos of their much anticipated Z77 OC edition motherboard complete with the famed orange and black color scheme and promise of insane LN2 overclocking potential. 

This motherboard comes with some insane features including a 32 phase power supply, thin-fin radiator covering the South Bridge chip and monster PWM cooler around the CPU socket.  If you look closely along the right side of the board (near the overclocking buttons) there is a tiny switch to enable the LN2 mode which should allow full pot overclocking and bypass the complex steps to get there.

It is difficult to tell but the small heatsink under the CPU socket is likely for the PLX PCI Express 3.0 Switch which will enable 4-way SLI and Crossfire configurations.  While most hardcore overclockers will claim this adds latency to their scores the truth of the matter is there are very few platforms which will run 3DMark 11 @ 6.6Ghz without it.


I did get to see a version of this motherboard at Computex.  It wasn't mentioned at the time but the insane layout made the product seem more like a board designed for press coverage than an actual product.  

Turns out I was only half wrong happy smile

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