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Here is a fun story that talks about the advantages of Linux over other operating systems including Windows and OSX.  Of course, you can always look at the number one reason as the purpose of any article and this one is no surprise.

1. Windows 8
For years Windows users have been able to coast along contentedly in a familiar paradigm, but with Windows 8 that's all changed. A mobile-style interface without a Start button is now the reality facing Windows users who upgrade, and it's not necessarily an easy transition. Linux—and especially Ubuntu—now offers what may well be a more comfortable alternative. 

It is no secret that I have been using Linux for years and currently have a Slackware system running my network.  Despite this I refuse to run any Linux distro as my primary desktop due to poor application penetration,  Yes, that is right, my primary reason for using Windows is because I'm an application snob and like what is currently available and have no trust over the Linux variants.

I suspect that when (and if) Linux becomes a "go to" OS the application options will become better.  That is also assuming distro directors can agree on a standard way to install applications and can get past their e-peen "my distro is better than yours" arguments.

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