Ubisoft probes sudden rash of hijack attacks on gamers' accounts

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If any of you rushed out to buy Far Cry 3 you may want to check your uplay account and make sure it didn't get hacked.  Call it luck or karma but it would seem ubisoft in their mad rush to create something that people want added a few easter eggs allowing russian script kiddies to get in and hijack your stuff.

Additionally, many users deny using so-called 'trainers' (cheat programs) which might have been emailing credentials back to base so there's not a lot to go on at the moment. One of the biggest problems with PC gaming is the amount of logins required to play the games - anyone purchasing Ubisoft's Far Cry 3 through Steam will still need to load UPlay to play it. It's quite possible that password reuse is rampant in gaming circles right now, which certainly doesn't help.

Oh and the best part of this whole thing is the recommendation from ubisoft to link your uplay account to facebook, that way if your uplay account gets hacked you can login with facebook and reclaim your stuff.

or on the flip side, once you link your accounts this gives the hacker a direct link to your facebook profile and lose both accounts, and become advertisement fodder for ubisofts facebook campain.  I say, make sure your password is secure, use legit software and don't play Far Cry 3 until they allow you to play it on steam without the need for uplay.

Then again I suspect everyone who rushed out to buy the game already beat it or has stopped playing so all of this may be for moot.

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