Corsair Obsidian 900D - CES 2013 Announcement

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One of the problems associated with owning enthusiast grade hardware is that sometimes, just sometimes, the gear doesn't fit into a standard chassis.  Case in point, the SR series boards from EVGA.

It is true, there are cases on the market that support those monster motherboards but nothing quite like the Corsair Obsidian Series 900D.

The case supports up to 15 hard drives, HPTX motherboards, Dual Power Supplies, 10 expansion slots, 15 fan locations including a quad fan radiator at the bottom and five other radiator mounting locations around case.

Needless to say this case is a little overkill, much like the hardware we intended to put in there.

In terms of size, the Obsidian 900D is a big one and the photo above is proper when it comes to scale. Check out the product landing page for more info and a few more product shots

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