Back from CES, News will resume after these messages

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These days when your SEO URL is comprised of the articles title you have to be careful what you say since the most logical title is not likely what will get any traffic.

For instance, at the Detroit Auto Show they unveiled the new C7 Corvette Stingray which looks amazing and appears to be a cross between a Ferrari, a Dodge Viper and Nissan Skyline but is all Chevy and something anyone will want to buy.

I mean it looks good, but will anyone see my news because I say the New Corvette is awesome?  We shall see. happy smile

Along a different path did you hear about how c|net had to recast its vote for the best product of CES??  It would seem that while the Dish Hopper clearly won the top prize the c|net crew had to change their vote to exclude the Hopper from winning due to an ongoing lawsuit over the commercial skipping option.  (which is great by the way)

HWBot has also posted an interview with Roman 'Der8auer' Hartung the famed builder of the CPU container I use when LN2 overclocking.   The interview is pretty good I would suggest you all check it out.

More news after the break, I'm still recovering from CES and deciding if I should post more CES coverage or roll the content into something "better"


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