EVGA SuperNova NEX 1500W Classified review: a beast of a PSU

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There are big power supplies and then there are "good" big power supplies.  The EVGA SuperNova falls into one of those categories.  Which one will depend on who you talk to.

The EVGA SuperNova NEX1500W Classified is a beast. It's clearly aimed at overclockers that need as much power as possible for their high-end components. That is why EVGA focused on power and stability, and sacrificed a little in the area of noise production. Strong qualities of this PSU are its voltages, ripple, efficiency, extra software and its looks. Drawbacks consist of the noise and also the usage without load.

I'd like to think that the bench top options found in the SuperNova makes this PSU a good candidate for the test bench and the sleeved cables help to dress up any custom build.  So far that is good enough for me.

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