SilverStone PP06B Individual-Sleeved PSU Cables Review @ Pro-Clockers

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Some people don't like the look of individually sleeved PSU cables claiming that several things died many years ago and looking at PSU cables was one of them.  But, in a world where casemodding is still a popular pastime anything different is generally good.

If this last route seems the best avenue for you and if you already own a SilverStone power supply that was manufacturer after 2009, they have some for you to look at. SilverStone has gone the route similar to Corsair and is offering sleeved cables. For a few weeks only black were available but red and white have recently showed up on their site. So, it is some to clean of the interior of one of our test rigs.

The great thing about these cables is that they come with some select PSUs but can also be bought aftermarket for any Silverstone modular PSU.

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