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Given the discussions in the latest podcast I felt this article hits home.  Of the quotes in the article I am surprised to see how they made a reference to how consoles have kept up with PCs due to lackluster D3D support on the PC despite the hardware gap.

Pretty sure that isn't the case and if anything the issue isn't with API support but rather aging hardware in the console space and difficulties getting games to run on both platforms with a reasonable amount of quality.

XNA was Microsoft’s toolset for cross-platform game development between the Xbox 360, Zune (when applicable), Windows Phone 7, and PC titles. It debuted in 2004 and was used by a number of small developers/indie titles that were later made available on Xbox Live. As Promit Roy, CTO of Action Labs, points out, this is scarcely a surprise. XNA has lagged behind developments on the PC side for years and wasn’t capable of targeting DirectX 10 or 11 feature sets despite the former being over six years old.

Clearly the above is showing their bias towards consoles and not so much on cross platform development, laws of the lowest common denominator and all.  Web developers do the same thing when building business websites.  This is one reason why some sites lack support for the latest web technologies.

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