Has Walmart sold out of Microsoft Surface RTs?

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That is the question that CNET is asking after checking Walmart and not finding any tablets for sale.  We all know Walmart responds quite well to the stinky wind and when something stops selling they cut bait and walk away.  Well, that might be what has happened.

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Walmart discounted the crap tablets in hopes of clearing some wareshouse space for boxes and other assorted storage stuff.  Basically if this was "Office Space" the Windows RT Tablet is Milton and he is headed down to the basement.

Don't look now, but Walmart may have just sold out temporarily of Microsoft's recently discounted Surface RT devices.

Yes, those same Surface RTs that Microsoft repriced and are now $350 (plus $100-plus for a keyboard/cover). The Surface RTs that were responsible for Microsoft's $900 million write-down which it took in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Sounds a lot like what HP did back in the day, the difference was the HP fondlepad was actually some good hardware with a crap OS.

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