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I was able to review this keyboard before CES this year and have to say it is pretty darn cool.  The light filters are a little werid considering that everyone is going to RGB LEDs these days but, in a way it is more realistic considering that many gamers kinda set the colors and forget them.

Just about everyone has jumped into the mechanical keyboard market at this point but rarely do you see companies take their time in tweaking and tuning their products like I have seen with EpicGear. All the way back in 2015 I took a look at their Dezimator X, a pre-release keyboard that they were considering sending to the USB market. Well, my review wasn’t the most promising. They took that information along with a lot of feedback from the mechanical communities and Massdrop and designed a new keyboard. Well the EpicGear DeFiant was released and it has a whole list of customization options, well they have been working on a new set based around the DeFiant with a carrying case and some of the customization options, today I’m going to check it out and see how things have changed.

Be sure to check out the review and/or give my review of the EpicGear Defiant a quick look. 

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