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The name of this company is a bit of a misnomer when applied to their Ergonomic mechanical keyboard.  Looking at the design I can't see how it is really all the ergo, nor comfortable to type on.

Of course, if the company ever sent me one I might be inclined to give it a try and maybe change my mind though, to be honest. I'm still married to my Microsoft Natural Elite and can't imagine typing on anything else.

Even if it was supposed to be better.

The Truly Ergonomic Keyboard in its current revisions 227 and 229 aims to get past the issues that plagued the predecessors to re-establish a loyal customer base. It features all new switches, updated firmware, support for niche keyboard layouts, full programmability and more in a form factor smaller than most keyboards.

The problem I have with their ergo keyboard is the size.  TechPowerUp comments on how it is smaller than most which is due to the lack of a 10-key but to be truly ergo I feel it needs to be wider so your hands aren't so close together.

10-key would also be nice but, only because we are used to having one.

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