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The Ultimate AIO Closed Loop Water Cooler.  Hummm.

Do you think that is just marketing or, did CRYORIG really make an AIO that can be the best at everything?

The CRYORIG A40 Ultimate may lack RGB LEDs or other fancy additions, but it makes up for it in performance, and even adds a pretty cool little fan over the water block.

Somehow I think the "lack" of RGB LEDs isn't a bad thing however dem ph4ns!!  Back in the day I seem to remember Antec showing a cooler like this with a fan on the pump block and claims of awesome performance.  Deep down I know that having a fan to cool your pump seems a little silly but, there is some heat absorbed into the loop from anything that moves.  In this case the pump and by cooling it outside of the water loop you can lower overall temps.  

Thing is, it isn't very efficient.  In fact dumping heat into the case only to be sucked out via the radiator fan not only raises the ambient temperature but also lowers overall thermal performance. 

You know, if you want to get technical.  It still looks cool though happy smile

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