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When seated at your desk there are basically two points on your body that keep you from falling down.  Your feet and that region between your legs and spine.  One of these touches the floor while the other is often supported by a chair with varying degrees of softness and comfort.  

Sit long enough and that hind region will begin to get tired and request that you get up and move around.  But, what if you are on a 20 round kill streak?  You can't "just get up" no, you need to keep pressing on and see how far you can take it. 

To help you get the most from your posterior support it is essential that you have a quality chair.  Personally I prefer the Herman Miller Aeron chair and have for over a decade now.  It might not have "gaming" in the name or come with fancy LED lights or resemble a racing seat but it is pretty darn comphy and helps to identify me and my roots.

For those of you not old enough to know about the dot com era and the importance that the Aeron had in establishing dominance in the modern office you may have to consider one of the new "tuner" style gaming chairs like the Nobelchairs EPIC that TechPowerUp has recently reviewed.

A good chair is the ideal piece of equipment for every hardcore gamer or users who spends lots of hours in front of their PC. The noblechairs EPIC series looks quite interesting for the money it asks, offering good quality and great comfort.

I think the only thing missing is a seat belt, floor pan, engine, transmission, wheels, tires and sweet exhaust.  Oh wait, I forgot this is a gaming chair not a racing seat attached to a rolly staind. 


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