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Yesterday I did a candid news posting about the naming of products and how it seems shelf appeal has become more important than actually coming up with a good name.  For this Powercolor RX 580 it would seem that one product name wasn't good enough and had to add a second.

Red Devil Golden Sample

wink smile just rolls off the tongue.

PowerColor’s Red Devil Golden Sample RX 580 is an excellent showcase of how the new 500-series can deliver an effective rival to NVIDIA’s mid-range GTX 1060 (and in some cases even GTX 1070). Our Golden Sample card handled DX12 games with ease and even proved an impressive level of prowess at 1440p and 4K resolutions.

I'm all for the Devil series of products, it just sounds tough even if they aren't really all that special.  Well, now they have thrown in a Gainward favorite the "Golden Sample" in hopes of capturing some nostalgia for some and "wow look at that" for others.

At least has a pentagram on the back big grin smile

In an unrelated note, I flat out dislike developers who feel "mobile first" applies to desktops and insist that anyone running a browser in a window must be on mobile.  Ugg.

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