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One of the biggest cases I ever reviewed was the Cooler Master Cosmos II.  The thing was huge and did plenty of things right from the outward styling, retention of what made the Cosmos such a popular case and the ability to hold just about any system you could think of.

To help mark their 25th birthday Cooler Master has re-released the Cosmos II 25th Annivesary edition and while it looks almost identical there are some rather dramatic changes to help make the design a little more modern.

The Cooler Master Cosmos II was launched in 2012 and became one of the brand's most recognizable enclosures. Now, half a decade later, Cooler Master presents the Cosmos II 25th Anniversary edition to celebrate a quarter century in business and to bring the iconic chassis back to a new generation of enthusiasts and gamers.

I think I know what my Throwback Thursday will be  happy smile  That is asuming I can get back to where the Cosmos II is currently chillin.

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