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One of the most difficult decisions you'll make when building your PC is "What case defines my build and reflects me as a user?".  In the early days that decision was pretty simple, pick a beige box and install hardware, it didn't matter what box you picked because they were all beige.  These days there is a wealth of "pre-mods" and custom designs and it can sometimes be tough to know which case is right for you.

In a sea of gaming PC cases, there are very few that pull the sleek, minimalistic look that many have come to love. I think for me it all started back with the Voodoo Omen that I really started to like cases that were simple, yet did an amazing job housing a powerful system. It seems like some at Cooler Master have the same affinity for a simple design integrated with some forward thinking internal design options. Cooler Master’s  FreeForm™ modular system is aimed at giving users a new level of flexibility when building their systems. We will see just what the MasterCase has to offer in this review.

If I was to be honest the Cooler Master MasterCase 6 is kind of "meh".  It's basically a MasterCase 5 with a bunch of popup panels to give you better airflow.  Problem is bumping the panels can cause them to break loose since they are only held on with four magnets.  It is a great case but, is also an acquired taste.

Be sure to check out my review of the Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 6 available on Hardware Asylum dat cam. wink smile

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