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I find it interesting how inexpensive computer cases have gotten over the years.  Don't get me wrong there have always been cheap cases built from crap metal with no extra features, function or fluff.  They are/were just metal boxes for your computer parts.

Fast forward to... now... and we have tempered glass side panels, custom colors and a price tag that few can ignore.

The Bitfenix Nova TG is aiming to be an interesting choice for the entry level. While the original Nova, launched nearly 2 years ago, managed to sport a 30 USD price tag, this also meant sacrificing functionality and layout when it came to the interior. The Nova TG does not only come with a tempered Glass side panel but upgraded internals and a splash of color. Is it worth the higher price tag of 50 USD?

So, what are the downsides, I mean why are cases to cheap all of a sudden.  Well, to sum things up the lack of external drive bays has made building a case easier and thus lowered the overall strike price.  So what should be a 70 dollar case is now only 30 bux and comes with fewer socially acceptable features and yet people love them.

Just seems backwards if you as me.

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