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There was a time when custom motherboards designed for high-end gaming and/or overclocking was a highly sought after commodity.  Unfortunately we have lost some of that allure.  First it was a hardcore focus on Overclocking that faded to a generic attempt to make everything gaming compatible.

Motherboards like the ASRock X299 Gaming i9 are a good example of gaming motherboards taken to the extreme.

Like any other platform, ASRock has given Intel's X299 the Fatal1ty treatment, in the form of the X299 Gaming i9. This isn't a value-oriented board product; this one comes straight out of ASRock's Professional Series and has a much higher price tag than the Taichi we looked at earlier.

Funny how they use ASRock and "value oriented" in the same paragraph without even thinking twice.  :)  I shouldn't diss, ASRock makes some pretty good ASUS clone hardware. wink smile

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