Two PCIe NVMe SSDs Tested On Six Motherboards By Intel and AMD @ Legit Reviews

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I do love these kinds of articles and based on historical traffic numbers it would seem that many users agree.  "How To" is the way to go, provided that the information is easy to read and is understandable.

In this article Legit Reviews asks the question "Will One SSD Perform The Same on Six Different Motherboards?"

I could tell you that the answer is yes and for the same reason that certain memory modules will work on certain motherboards and not on others.  There is a qualification process to make hardware work and wouldn't you know it, there are no real standards.

When Corsair sent us their new Neutron NX500 400GB NVMe PCIe AIC SSD to review we weren’t impressed by what we were seeing from Corsair’s new flagship storage drive. We tried the AIC in all available PCIe slots and saw no change. We 1024K aligned the drive per instructions from Corsair and saw no change. We tried different secure erase methods and again there was no change.  So, we changed platforms and saw performance more than double in some areas... Read on to see what happens when we try this drive and another in six different motherboards from Intel and AMD.

I really tried to read through this article and kinda got lost in the sea of charts.  There are a bunch and all of them aliased BADLY when they were uploaded to the website.  As a web designer that is the 24th rule in the book. always render images at their final size. 

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