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Its not every day that you run into a website with a broken stylesheet but they are out there.  They are annoying and often an oversight and assumption by the designer that "everyone" has their browser maximized. or that "Everyone" is using a mobile device.

Yes, I know "mobile first" but seriously grow up!

Oh.  So, lets get back on topic.  Aorus has been addicted to bringing you new and exciting ways to bring you full sized gaming computers at a faction of the size.  Small boxes like this aren't a huge deal in the States however, overseas space is sometimes a luxury people cannot afford which really limits the size of your gaming computer. 

Thin and light laptops are great! Carrying them around is super easy, they have a super-long battery life, and are more than powerful enough for most tasks. But when it comes to serious gaming a thin and light laptop just won’t cut it. Most people have a nice Ultrabook and then when they get home they have a full-blown gaming PC. Well AORUS wants you to game on your Ultrabook and they have just the device to do so, their GTX 1080 Gaming Box. It is an external box that houses a desktop-class GeForce GTX 1080 and it connects to your PC with a single cable via Thunderbolt 3 (Type-C). So when you need to be on the go you have your thin and light laptop, but when you get home you just plug in 1 cable and you have the power of a desktop-class graphics card. Let’s jump in and see what this gaming box is all about.

I'm not a fan of gaming laptops, they are often heavy and actually larger than you might expect.  Likewise smaller laptops often lack the power to play current AAA gaming titles which begs the question.  Gaming Console or PC.

Of course you say PC but if you only have room for a gaming console then maybe it is time to look at something like the Aorus Gaming Box.

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