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Maybe this is the new thing or some sort of strange justification of something costing too much but starting your review with the comment claiming you ignore a very important pricepoint rather pompus IMO.

What worse they turn around to say, oh but wait these headphones from Corsair are only $50 bux so you had better pay attention, cause: Corsair.

The moment I start looking for a headset, I usually bypass anything less than $100, because the typical pricepoint that equates a high level of performance with an outstanding in-game experience is at least $100.  At least. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Corsair has done some great work in appealing to a gamer with not-so-deep pockets that still yearns for a high-quality sound experience.  At $49.99 shipped in there different colors, the HS50 STEREO is sure to find itself under many Christmas trees with the recipients being thrilled at the experience they’ll have and the giver being excited about the price. Read on to see how the new Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset performs!

I cannot speak to the quality of these muffs but the price for the market and if Corsair follows their normal patterns they have some sort of expert standing behind the design saying they conform to some sudo standard to make them better than the $50 dollar set from XYZ company.

For the money, drop $80 on the BlasterX H5 and enjoy your games/movies/p0rn with premier audio quality and full interpolated surround sound.

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