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Gaming chairs are one of those items that you are always curious about but never brave enough to try.  Many reviews are deeply seeded with opinion that it is difficult to know if the chair is good or if the review is bad. 

Well, it would seem that Bigbruin feels the same way.

I have never reviewed a chair before, but I have sat in plenty of them, so I would say I am fairly qualified to share my opinion. The EwinRacing Flash Series chair is definitely very comfortable, and overall has a very high build quality. There is plenty of adjustability to it, and the inclusion of both a lumbar and a neck pillow are welcome touches. I also appreciate that it can accommodate such a range of user heights / weights, as I am quite often left with chairs maxed out and still wishing for a little more room! Not with this chair, as it can go so high that my feet are left dangling.

I'm actually quite impressed with the EwinRacing chairs.  They seem to pull in all of the stuff that makes a great gaming chair and then stacks on crazy build quality to push things over the top.  Do you need an alloy caster base and reinforced chair frame?  Not really but, by gum, if I can get a chair with that stuff it will become a decision point for sure.

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