8 Years Later: Does the GeForce GTX 580 Still Have Game in 2018?

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This seemed like a pretty good title.  We all know about the GTX 580 and how it has been around for awhile and at the time it was a pretty powerful GPU.  EVGA also released what some would call the BEST overclocking video card using the GTX 580 GPU and it stands today as the only card with a fully unlocked BIOS.  I will also admit that one of the only 4-way SLI systems I have ever run was with  GTX 580 cards.  Two reference cards and two MSI Lightning cards. 

Despite having to use two 1200w power supplies and some crazy big fans to ensure cool air was getting into the coolers it was pretty damn fun.

Today we're turning our clocks all the way back to November 2010 to revisit the once mighty GeForce GTX 580, a card that marked the transition from 55nm to 40nm for Nvidia's high-end GPUs and helped the company sweep its Fermi-based GeForce GTX 480 under the rug.

Oh yes, the GTX 480, that was a monster of hottness and not the good kind.  People joked that you could fry an egg on the heatsink and even posted pictures of it happening.  Turn the cooling fan off on any GPU and you too could fry eggs.

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