Time for Computex 2018

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I have to apologize for the lack of news postings, or as google calls them, unimportant bits of content that help link one website to another.  BUT. I digress.

It is time for Computex again.  Computex is an annual trade show held in Taipei Taiwan and unlike CES has almost 100% relevance to the items I cover on Hardware Asylum.  Here you are able to see the genesis of PC hardware and the supporting accessories developed to support it.

I have been attending this show since 2003 when Hardware Asylum was better known as Ninjalane and have seen trends come and go, seen companies rise to the top only to suffer the following year.  I have seen the rise and fall of Overclocking and the struggles associated with Gaming hardware and how companies have attempted to strike a balance between what is "trendy" vs "actually useful”.  

Of course the big thing these days is Mining and cryptocurrency and I suspect there will be plenty of companies releasing hardware for that niche.  I have a hard time supporting the Mining culture which is no different from Overclocking when you consider the audience.

Computex starts June 4th and I'll be doing my best to publish some live content on the @hardwareasylum twitter page and will follow up with my normal list of articles after the show.


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