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So, it is no secret that watercooling is "the hot thing" right now when it comes to custom PCs.  The YT guys do builds for various reasons, watchers of YT content trigger off someone filling a loop with the 24-pin power connected and experienced builders like myself pretty much go "pfft" at all of it.

Gigabyte is getting on the EVGA and ASUS bandwagon to capture some of that custom waterblock action, adding their own brand of RGB and even hotclocking the cards 140Mhz to make them worth buying.

These are factory overclocked models with relatively aggressive boost clocks. The 2080 Ti boosts to 1,770MHz, which is 225MHz faster than Nvidia's reference blueprint, and 135MHz higher than Nvidia's own overclocked Founders Edition model. Similarly, the 2080 hits a 1,890MHz boost clock out of the box. That's 180MHz faster than reference, and 90MHz higher than the FE model. Gigabyte also goosed the memory on both cards, to 14,140MHz (up from 14,000MHz).

There could be headroom to spare.

To help keep things stable, Gigabyte opted for a 16+3 power phase design on the 2080 Ti and a 12+2 power phase design on the 2080. Both cards are backed by a four-year warranty.

Be sure to check out the post over at PC Gamer to get all of the hot and juicy details including photos, specs and speculation.

On a side note I do like that these are custom PCBs making them not only better in the PC but better for you too. 

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