NVIDIA DLSS Test in Battlefield V

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Battlefield V is finally supporting DLSS on GeForce RTX enabled video cards, increasing performance and making environment look much more realistic.  This is something that was mentioned during CES with the RTX2060 launch is that enabling one technology caused a perfornance hit but the Tensor cores were there to "restore performance"

This is how they justified the low-end card being faster than a 1080 and is what will give you a refund to the RTX Tax in BattleField V

NVIDIA purports DLSS to be an important feature for RTX 20-series users because it lets them make up a big chunk of performance lost by turning on RTX real-time raytracing. Despite all its refinements, Battlefield V ended up imposing a 20-30 % performance penalty (dubbed "RTX tax") for turning on DXR Reflections. DLSS lets you file returns on that tax. In this review, we explore the image quality obtained by turning on DLSS and its impact on performance. The comparison only includes numbers for the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, and we tested with both RTX and DirectX 12 enabled, using today's GeForce 418.91 driver and today's Battlefield V update on our VGA review test system.

TechPowerUp has a great article on the update with screenshots!  Honestly I'm not sure I would have noticed any difference but the performance boost is nice.

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