Seagate IronWolf Pro ST14000NE0008 14TB Hard Drive Review @ APH Networks

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In the category of "things I screwed up on" we have the Seagate IronWolf Pro 14TB hard drive.  During CES I popped in to see Seagate and much to my surprise they had some rather cool demos going on all powered by Seagate storage systems.  You didn't see the storage directly and that was the point.

Well, when I stopped to talk with their Marketing person I was given the opportunity to review their 14TB HDD and nervous me said something "off", frowns were expressed and instead of getting an IronWolf drive I got calls asking me to be part of their Associate service.


As luck would have it APH Networks was able to close the deal and has a review for us.

Seagate cracks the storage capacity barrier once again with the IronWolf Pro ST14000NE0008 14TB while delivering class-leading speed, efficiency, and warranty all at the same time.

Iron-ically enough I recently upgraded the dev server I have here in the Hardware Asylum Labs with IronWolf drives and finally have close to 14TB of total storage.  Maybe I should get a 14TB drive so I can actually backup all that data.

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