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Call me old school but I still think cooler reviews are relevant and that people looking to build a PC should venture out and read what other people are saying instead of picking the Hyper 212 cause some reddit friend put it into their PC Parts Picker shopping list.

By now most of you know of the company Be Quiet! and their heatsinks, fans, and power supplies. Early on when they first came to the US market they were involved in our LANs as a sponsor and we have covered a few of their heatsinks in the past. But they have grown in popularity a lot in the heatsink market especially with their all-black styling, quiet fans, and good performance. Especially with a few of their heatsinks in the SFF community and with their high-end heatsinks for those of you dedicated for the best possible cooling performance without the downsides of All in One coolers like pump noise and the potential for leaks. Well I have had their Dark Rock Slim sitting around the office and as I clean things out for the end of the year I didn’t want to miss checking it out. It is designed for those of you who need a thinner cooler for memory, motherboard, and case clearance reasons. Today I’m going check it out and see how it compares to a few other 120mm air coolers. 

I am still going to go on record and say the mounting hardware from Be Quiet is one of the worse on the market EVER and that is a very LONG list to sample from.

Be sure to check out our review of the Be Quiet Shadow Rock Slim that we did back in 2014.  Its not bad. happy smile

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