EK-Classic InWin 303EK Available for Pre-Order

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First we have case manufactures building heatsinks and AIO coolers.  Then we have video card makers releasing power supplies and memory and now we have a watercooling company (one of the largest in the world) releasing a custom case from InWin complete with a distro plate.

For those of you who don't know, a distribution plate is a fancy name for a watercooling manifold that becomes a decorative part to your casemod and often replaces, or enhances, the reservoir you normally have.  For many this helps to clean up the build and give "builders" an easy excuse for why they aren't "modding"

The EK-Classic InWin 303EK case is a unique version of the popular In Win 303 case. It features an integrated distribution plate and this makes it really special as there is no similar product on the market. This is the only mass-produced case that is specifically re-designed and modified to seamlessly integrate the coolant distribution plate equipped with a powerful DDC pump. The 303 is one of InWin’s most popular cases which has been on the market for quite a while now. It is a tested, market-proven case with interesting fan and radiator layout options. The 303EK version brings this a new level, wherewith the purchase of the case, the customer will get a fully integrated coolant reservoir and a pump in the form of a distribution plate.

Look for it on the EK Web Shop for a little over 300 bones.

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