Happy New Year from Hardware Asylum

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So, funny story

Back in the early days of Hardware Asylum which can be best said as “When Hardware Asylum as actually Ninjalane” I would do a short holiday post.  For the fourth of July I might do a digit check to ensure everyone had all their fingers and toes and for Christmas and New Years I might congratulate fellow hardware enthusiasts on another successful year of great computer building.

I would have to look but, I’m pretty sure I haven’t done that since Hardware Asylum launched and I’m feeling pretty bad about that.  No sense of community, no giving back and I’d like to change that.

Welcome to 2020, I hope this year serves you well and, if you voted for Pedro, all your dreams will come true.

I have CES 2020 coming up and will be in Vegas for a few days checking out the new tech.  After that I’ll be recording the January Hardware Asylum Podcast and I’ll be publishing a new “State of the Hardware Asylum Address 2020” that none of you will want to miss. 

Happy New Year from all of us at Hardware Asylum


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