EK Highlights from CES 2020

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EK, the premium liquid cooling manufacturer was showcasing new products at CES 2020 for multiple product lines. The EK showroom suite was divided into three main categories and in such fashion.

Gamers are your thing? We suggest that you Play It Without Compromise. The EK Fluid Gaming Line was showcasing a pre-built, fully liquid-cooled PC. Proper liquid cooling should be available for everyone, so it is the mission of Fluid Gaming to be brought to the masses. If you are looking for a plug and play pre-built liquid-cooled PC, EK-Fluid Gaming is the one that will bring it to your doorstep. The complete lineup consists of a total of six PCs and they are already available for purchase through the Fluid Gaming web page. The PCs are built in the US and at the moment, shipping only on the territory of North America for now.

The easiest way to Start Your Liquid Cooling Journey is with the EK-AIO which will be launching in three standard sizes with single, dual and triple 120mm fans. The EK-AIO is a zero-maintenance liquid cooling solution, bringing extra cooling performance to their gaming or productivity environment. These minimalistic, addressable D-RGB lit All-In-One closed-loop cooling units will be available or purchase in a matter of weeks!

If you want to take if one step further The EK Classic Kits are the easiest way to get started with one of the most powerful ways of cooling your PC, the custom loop liquid cooling. These kits are a blend of carefully selected parts with additional accessories that will help the user to build their first open loop cooling solution. These kits are easy to assemble, and EK has made sure that there are support video tutorials available that will guide the user through each step of the process. The kits will be refreshed in the following months with angled adapters, an offset spider mount for the combo unit, a tube cutter, and a filling bottle, just to make sure that the assembly process is as smooth as it gets. With the EK Classic Kits, it is clear that Anyone Can do It!

The EK Quantum Lineup is, by all means, the one with the most updates and upcoming products. On display were the already launched Kinetic TBE and Kinetic FLT combo units alongside with the Volume reservoirs. All of these products were filled with a purpose-made, RGB specific coolant for perfect light diffusion. The mixture is perfectly balanced so that the light is evenly scattering inside of reservoirs, water blocks and tubing as well. Using a coolant like this will only amplify your RGB experience with perfect light scattering effects. There is no specific launch date for the RGB specific coolant yet, but hold on to your hats, it’s coming soon!

EK-Quantum Reflection Series Distribution Plates
Further down the line, EK has prepared three case-specific coolant distribution plates belonging to the EK-Quantum Reflection line of products. All three are using D5 pumps and they are purpose-built for the Phanteks Evolve X, the Fractal Design Define R6, and the Corsair Obsidian 1000D, whereas the latter one is using a dual D5 setup. As for the distribution plate Fractal Design Define R6, additional compatibility for other Fractal Design cases is yet to be confirmed.

EK-Quantum Magnitude
The EK-Quantum Magnitude is just around the corner with four versions of the water block being prepared for the most popular AMD and Intel sockets. There are two addressable D-RGB Nickel Plexi and Nickel Acetal versions with the addition of a Full Nickel variant, and a Copper Acetal combination, catering to the old school liquid cooling enthusiasts.

The AMD AM4 Magnitude water block is also featuring an offset jet design in order do deliver maximum cooling performance. The Magnitude water blocks are not using jet plates, but rather relies on a precisely machined cold plate in order to achieve the best possible contact with the CPU IHS.

EK is officially launching a line of products that are meant for professional use. Often these products feature robust, industrial material choices and no RGB whatsoever. The EK-Professional Line of products is all about the use of high-quality materials, longevity and enhancing the power of your PC or computing unit.

These new products are also suited for the most demanding customers, like servers and data centers. Heat is the side-product of the data center operation that can, if uncontrolled, shut down or even damage electronics. EK thermal balancing solutions can transfer the heat away from the processors and other high-density computing units. That heat can then be used where it is needed so that it is not going to waste.

CUBIX Workstations Featuring EK
Meet the all-new CUBIX workstation that is co-developed with EK. With the expertise of both of these companies, we got the best from the knowledge of building workstation PCs and expert liquid cooling solutions. Liquid cooling, also commonly called water cooling, is the best solution for rapid heat removal due to its unmatched thermal performance. It is the only cooling solution for your Workstation PC that allows successful heat removal from critical spots in the modern-day computer with zero noise pollution! This workstation PC runs 5 fully water-cooled GPU’s each running at x16 bandwidth and 2 scalable CPU’s each with their dedicated high-performance water block. Also, it has the potential to run 4TB of ram.

Flat PC for Autonomous Car Software Development
A small form factor workstation for autonomous vehicle software developers. Its a reliable, strong and compact computing station that can be easily carried inside a car trunk or cabin. Our compact liquid cooling solution enables the cooling of critical computing components during demanding load, high ambient temperatures, and vibration. The unit can be cooled with an external cooling radiator, or it can be even connected to the autonomous vehicle default onboard cooling loop.

Automotive-grade AIO
Vehicles present challenging working conditions for electronics because of the environmental changes like temperature, humidity, and vibrations during movement. We have developed liquid cooling components that can withstand the harsh conditions in the world of autonomous transportation. With our new water block design, we have managed to eliminate some of the vulnerabilities that could lead to potential damage to the electronics. This is achieved with a new production technology, which enables new and clever designs that have fewer assembly parts. These designs also make the product suitable for mass production.


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