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In what might be the smallest heatsink ever we have the Cooler Master MasterAir G200P.  This is a heatsink for LGA 115x based systems and appears to be using a Noctua inspired mounting system.  This isn’t because they are copying Noctua but, rather because the cooler is so small there wasn't room to use anything crappy.

The Cooler Master MasterAir G200P is a low profile RGB CPU cooler with the capability of fitting in almost any computer case on the market today.

Personally I'm not a fan of small coolers,  Sure I have used them before and we use one in the podcast rig we use to record the Hardware Asylum Podcast but, generally speaking, small coolers run hot and the reason people need them is because they are building in a small case.  If that case does not vent correctly or you exceed the thermal limits of that case you're in for a bad time.

Oh and speaking of Noctua they build a cooler like this not to long ago designed for server use.  If you want to see how close the copy is check out our review of the Noctua NH-L9i and be amazed.

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