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Motherboards have come a long way.  What was once just a PCB has transformed into industrial works of art with epic shrouds, integrated lights, strategic reinforcements and amazing performance.  The only thing missing is not knowing what will happen next.

During Computex 2019 I got to see the ASUS X299 refresh motherboards and one of the highlights was their 30 year anniversary X299 Prime.  The board is an amazing work of art with just the right amount of everything.

The ASUS Prime X299 Edition 30 is a celebration of 30 years of design innovation by one of the world's most prominent hardware manufacturers. Featuring active VRM cooling, 16 Vcore power stages, an OLED display, and a new Smart Control Console, can this flagship stand up to 30 years of high expectations?

I like how the reviewer baits us with a question asking if the board can stand up to 30 years of high expectations.  I’m pretty sure 30 years ago nobody at Asus could have imagined a board like this would ever get released or even see the need for all that fluff just getting in the way and raising the cost.

30 years ago was a different time and this is the board of the future.

Actually, the board isn't much different from what you would find with any X299 ROG, just a different paint job and a few less gaming features.

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